Abstract, Conceptual


Searching for
paradise lost
is futile,
for it has never left you.

It is the fiction of our minds
that condemns us
to hell.

And It is the Reality of Emptiness
that Liberates us.

Break the illusion
and return to emptiness,
and Silence
will Show you
where you have always,
yet never been.


It’s a piece of a broken Pyrex dish… it’s interesting how Pyrex glass cracks into pieces without breaking apart…


13 thoughts on “Break…

  1. & it’s interesting how WE crack into pieces without breaking apart… 😉
    very meaningful shot… wonderful indeed… I love the text too BRAVO! :kiss:

  2. @ida: yes… and I’d exactly meant that… and my Pyrex example were just a pointer to this subject… we Break… and every crack that doesn’t make us break apart just makes us stronger… 🙂

  3. @-1q5yChØt!c-: Tanx… 🙂 I’m happy to hear that u’ve liked this… 🙂 ur works are also very impressive… :thumbsup_tb: actually ur photographic works are just amazing considering that u use ur mobile phone’s built-in camera… for a SE K770i’s camera… ur works are state-of-the-art… :thumbup_tb:

  4. oh,Thank you so much for you kind comments,recently i have bought a new cheap compact camera,Sony Cyber-shot w-120…I think It will be good for me to start my photography career[actually i am amateur],In future if i have enough money i will buy a dslr camera for sure… :clap_tb:
    This is my pleasure to have contact with you,all the respects and persian honors :rock_tb:

  5. @-1q5yChØt!c-: all the honor belongs to me my friend… :thumbsup_tb: from ur aminus photoblog’s about page, seeing that u r a metal-head too… I too just want to send u my highest blessings… strength & honor my friend… :rock_tb: I’m an better say absolute Metal-head from ancient times… :rock_tb: I’m mostly into Power Metal, Folk, Orchestral and Symphonic Metal genres… but of course also a big fan of some of NU Metal groups…

    I’ve lived with Kamelot’s two “Epica” & “The Black Halo” albums all this past 7 months… and just don’t seem to get enough of it… Kamelot rules… I highly recommend it to u if u still haven’t shook hands with it… it’ll completely take u to a new world… :rock_tb: Hail to the Gods of Metal my friend… 😀 :fancy_tb: rock hard… :rock_tb:

  6. wow :rock_tb: great my friend,this is amazing,i loved heavy metal and some thrash metal from childhood,and black metal and doom sub genres now,also i loved progressive space rock bands,and now i prefer dark ambient/psychedelic music…
    Rock On…Still Metal :rock_tb: :fancy_tb:

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