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A Light in the Darkness…

A Light in the Darkness / Ein Licht in der Dunkelheit

“Take a piece of glass, paint colours and forms on it, and put the same into a magic lantern, turn on a little light, and the  colours and the forms painted on the glass are reproduced on the screen. If that light were not turned on, you would not see  the colours of the slide on the screen.

“How are colours formed? By breaking up white light with a many-sided prism. So it is with a man’s character. It is seen when  the Light of Life (God) is shining through it, i.e. in a man’s actions. If the man is sleeping or dead, you do not see his  character. Only when the Light of Life is animating the character and causing it to act in a thousand different ways, in  response to its contact with this many-sided world, can you perceive a man’s character. If white light had not been broken up  and put into forms and shapes on our magic lantern slide, we should never have known that there was a piece of glass in front  of the light, for the light would have shone clearly through. In a sense that white light was marred, and had some of its clearness taken from it by having to shine through the colours on the glass.

“So it is with an ordinary man. His mind is like the screen. On it shines light, dulled and changed because he has allowed the  many-sided world to stand in the way of the Light (God) and broken it up. He sees only the effects of the Light (God) instead  of the Light (God) Himself, and his mind reflects the effects he sees just as the screen reflects the colours on the glass.  Take away the prism and the colours vanish, absorbed back into the white light from whence they came. Take away the colours  from the slide and the light shines clearly through. Take away from our sight the world of effects we see, and let us look only  into the cause, and we shall see the Light (God).

“A Master in meditation, though the eyes and ears be open, fixes his attention so firmly on ‘That which sees’ that he neither  sees nor hears, nor has any physical consciousness at all — nor mental either, but only spiritual.

“We must take away the world, which causes our doubts, which clouds our mind, and the light of God will shine clearly through.  How is the world taken away? When, for example, instead of seeing a man you see and say, ‘This is God animating a body’, which  body answers, more or less perfectly, to the directions of God, as a ship answers more or less perfectly to her helm.


A passage taken from the book “Ramana Maharshi and The Path of Self Knowledge”, by ARTHUR OSBORNE, from a letter written to a friend in London by F. H. Humphreys and published by her in the International Psychic Gazette, London.


13 thoughts on “A Light in the Darkness…

  1. Negar says:

    پرتوی از ذات او ساطع شود / تا رسد بر مردمان رنگین شود
    گر نماید رخ به زیبایی چه سود؟/ پلک آن غافل دلان سنگین شود
    گر بگوید عاشقان ، جانان منم / ابلهان را عاشقی تلقین شود
    ای مسلمان آن نشان پینه برپیشانیت/ ازریاباشداگراین مدعی بی دین شود
    نگار لقائیان

  2. @Dilshad: yes Tanx… It’s really beautiful… I can see every aspect of BEAUTY in it… the Light and the Feminine beauty… 1st being the true nature of Beauty itself and its main source… and the 2nd being the only true and complete enough manifestation of Beauty and Nature on earth… 🙂 Tanx…

  3. @Aida: WoW… Aida bavaram nemishe comment gozashtiii… :rolleyes_tb: WoW… mersiii Aida’yiiii… dastet dard nakone… mamnunam… kolli khoshalam kardiii… hoooraaaaaaaa… :clap_tb: bazam az in kara bokooon… :thumbup_tb: bazam mersiii… bye felan… montazeram haaa… :tongue1_tb: wieder teile deine Gefühle mit mir… Tausend Dank, auch! Tschüss :bye_tb:

  4. @Negar: eyvaaal…. :clap_tb: negar… dige jedi dari… WoW shahkar mi’afarini haa… ina masterpiece’an be khoda… :surrender_tb: miduni man alan mast’am…? :drunk_tb: va omghe zibayi’o lezzate neveshte’hat ro zendegi va tajrobe kardam tu in chand lahze ke mikhundameshun… :king_tb: mersi kheyli mamnunam inaro hatman archive kon nigah dar… kheyli arzeshmandan… :smile1_tb:

  5. @Sina: lightness and the darkness and their combination… we. We walk around while the light is glowing within us… just like a dark moon is illuminated by the Light of the Sun… 🙂 so we all and what I mean by ALL is the whole unuverse, every star, every nebula, every planet, every moon…bears in themselves an accompanying Divine Light… which will finally be merged with the manifestation itself… when the time comes my friend… 🙂 I’m a bit drunk and… I love this state… but I may have not mistaken by saying all of the words above… have a good night my best friend… 🙂 sleep deep cause we may all have our dreams to see… bye till we meet again… :bye_tb:

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