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Saint Thaddeus Monastery

A view of the eastern wall of the oldest black masonry of the St. Thaddeus Cathedral…


4 thoughts on “Saint Thaddeus Monastery

  1. @Sina: I thank u instead My friend… 🙂 Tanx a million times that u take the time to read all of these… u r the One man… the ONE…



    Welcome to my realm,
    We are both condemned to live
    It’s a dark fate…
    I can hear your calls
    I can hear your calls


    Leave me alone
    Isolation bears hope
    There’s something else waiting
    A promised destiny
    Freezing me
    I feel restless and low
    These days full of sadness
    Had joyfully changed
    Into fear…


    I see it still burns
    Each night I cry in pain


    Though the end appears my friend


    …And blood tears I cry
    You’ve searched and you’ve found
    Cut off your old beliefs’ hand


    So I sit still in my room, today…
    Winter’s here
    In summer season


    Shall I say
    I was wrong
    If I’m right…?

    Farewell to my last hope…

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