Spider & Aphid…!

In one of the foothill valleys of Mt. Sahand, I had a wonderful chance to shoot an interesting moment. The heros of our story are Mr. Bad Spider and the tiny clever Aphid… 😀

There was an old cut off tree trunk in the valley, full of wood-bugs and Aphids (also known as plant lice, are small plant-feeding insects, members of the superfamily Aphidoidea) on/in it, and nearly about as many as 50 spiders had also invaded the old chump of this tree to serve themselves a meal out of these wood-bugs & aphids. I was busy shooting close-up macro photos of these spiders when I was lucky enough to witness this scene & shoot it on the right instance (aphids & wood-bugs were so small & it was hard to focus on them & shoot, since there was a chase’n run going on between spiders & them)…

…overwhelmed by the fear & knowing not what to do & how to escape the spider invasion, a tiny Aphid was wandering on the tree, when a spider saw & headed towards it. The spider was the size of a monster in comparison to this tiny creature. The aphid was clever enough to immediately hide from this giant hunter, inside a tiny crack of the tree skin.

After a while, when the spider couldn’t find a trace of its tiny prey, it headed back to search for another one & While the spider was receding back, our tiny green friend came out of its hiding place & gave this impressing look to the spider as it was going farther, maybe thinking about the close-call & threatening experience of its recent moment, and at the same time feeling a mixture of luck, happiness and fear in itself…” 😉 😀

I didn’t even know that I’d pressed the shutter on that moment, but afterwards when reviewing my photos, when I saw this closeup view of the story I somehow felt wierd 😀 it was like, u know that I was the same size of the aphid & had lived those moments myself… 😀

2008 Photoblog Awards

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  1. shekare shateh tavasote ankaboot va shekare lahzeha tavasote kaveh!
    rafti too kare raze bagha???

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