Past & Memory…

Don’t drag your past behind you… because no one is that strong to carry all of that heavy stuff… you’ll soon become exhausted and life will become very difficult to carry on…

Thinking that we are a function of past and believing that we are defined by our past everyday… is just like driving a car while looking at the rear view mirror instead of looking where we are going…

Our past and what we’ve had and experienced before, are just like some baggage which we carry with us all the time & every where we go… and what we do is just we put them down when we meet someone… and start talking about what we have in our bags… and then when we are done describing them, without doing anything else we after some time… we put them back and just carry them again with us… only because we think that our past is important in defining ourselves and who we are…

All of that is what makes us have difficulty in in accepting what the real life has to give us…

12 thoughts on “Past & Memory…”

  1. Salam Kave Jan
    Vagean Az Ashenaei Ba to Khoshhalam.
    Midooni Chand Seat Gharge In Axa Shodam?

    Vagean Nemidoonam Baraye Kodoom Bayad Comment Bezaram!

    You Are Wonderful Photographer.
    I don’t Know i Should Leave The Comment In Which On this Photographs.
    Really All Of Them Are beautiful.
    All Of Them have special Effect In my Emotions and i remember some part of my life.
    Really i was Absorb In Your Pictures for Long Times.
    So Dear Kaveh Can You Learn This Art To Me?
    How i Can Learn This Magical Thing?
    I like Make Others sensational.

    I like Show The Art Of Life And Nature In One Foggy Picture To People!

    All Best Wishes For You And Hope For Being successful In Your Works.

    تقلای پرنده کوچک برای فرار از هجوم کرکس هنر است

    Saeid Jabbary
    :love: :love: :love: :love: :love:
    :angel_tb: :angel_tb: :angel_tb:

  2. Beautiful! Another fantastic photo from you. I love the blue color tones, and the movemement of the water is perfectly captured and give the photo life!

  3. Hi teacher Coffee. 🙂
    My name is Aykut Can Akman.
    I’m your student by Yeni Yüzyıl Üniversitesi.
    Please contact me. 🙂

    Merhaba hocam.
    Ben Aykut Can Akman.
    Yeni Yüzyıl Üniversitesindeki öğrencinizim.
    LÜtfen bana ulaşın.

    Bu arada mükemmel fotoğraf. 🙂

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