Hope’n Life…

Hope is Life…

Life is Hope…

Never lose hope… never turn ur back to Life…

seek not to add years to your life,

add life to your years…

5 thoughts on “Hope’n Life…”

  1. that’s it. living well for a while is better than living long in confusion…
    no matter how much living like a human is much worthier…this is a good photo and also contains the meaning of hope in it… :hug_bg:

  2. به عشق زنده بودیم و آرزو
    عشق را کشتند
    آرزو را به مسلخ بردند
    و اینک به امید زنده ایم
    به امید
    :hug_bg: :clap_tb: :thumbsup_tb: 8) :kaveh:

  3. Selfishly we’re venomous
    But you know the time tells us
    There is more to life than our
    Higher positions, race for perfection
    Better, faster
    We must return to the laws of the nature
    Free ourselves from madness

  4. we’re already slaves of our artificial world
    We shouldn’t try to control life
    But listen to the laws of nature

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