AbhA mArga III…

Therefore, the bodhisattvas are all revered, respected, worshiped, and looked upon as we look upon God in the West – as saviors, as the Christian looks upon Jesus, or Muslims upon Mahdi.

Underneath this myth there is a profound philosophical idea going back to the Hindu philosophy of advaita and non-duality – namely, that the apparent dualism of “I” and “thou,” of the knower and the known, the subject and the object, is unreal. So, also, the apparent duality between maya, the world illusion, and reality is unreal. The apparent duality or difference between the enlightened and the ignorant person is unreal. So, the apparent duality of bondage and deliverance, or liberation, is unreal.

Just as the great Ramana Maharshi has beautifully stated in the 23′th, 24′th & 25′th of his great masterpiece of the Hindu Tradition, a true modern Hindu scripture; “Upadesa Saram“, that:

23-There is only one Being that can know Reality. That one-only Being is itself Reality and is itself Consciousness.

24-Both Creator and creature are essentially one and the same Reality. Their apparent differences are due only to differences in form and levels of knowledge.

25-When the creature abandons its illusory individual form and recognises itself as without attributes, it sees the Creator as its own true Self.

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